Moving Checklist

Congratulations, you’re officially on the move! 

Whether you’re a first time home buyer in Coquitlam or a large family moving from one detached home to the next within the Lower Mainland, moving can be a stressful time. 

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered! To help make your move go as smooth as possible, we’ve created a comprehensive moving checklist that will help you with your move when the time comes.

Check out our moving checklist below and feel free to reach out if you’d like a copy emailed directly to your inbox.

Coquitlam Realtor - Moving Checklist.jpg


  • How do I coordinate my home insurance so I can ensure I will have adequate coverage at both my sold property and my new property?

  • What is the best strategy to ensure I will not have any service disruptions with BC Hydro, Fortis and my cable/internet service provider come moving day?

  • What items do I need to coordinate with my Strata Management Company to ensure my move will go as smooth as possible?